How Hearing Loss Is Caused – The Fundamental Reasons

Deafness is an issue that affects many people. There are various causes and in this article we outline them to help you establish if you could be at risk of developing loss of hearing. If this was caused by work you could also be due hearing loss compensation.Causes of hearing deficiency are split into 2 categories; sensor neural and conductive.Sensorineural audibility loss is the result of impairment of the hair cells and nerves within the ear and your ability to pick up sound waves is inhibited. Here are the main causes of this form of hearing deficit.Exposure to loud noises make the cochlea become less sensitive.

The most common cause of this is due to work. Thousands of workers go short of hearing in their job even though your employer has to protect your hearing by law. If they don’t, workers are eligible to make loss of hearing claims against their employer. Jobs that hearing loss is common include construction, bar/club work, agriculture and printing. Noise induced loss of hearing is also a growing issue with people listening to music at alarming levels and thus require hearing aids.Activities such as diving can result in pressure trauma to the ear. Your ear needs to preserve a certain pressure to function but diving will alter this pressure, which can cause damage to the ear. For further clarification

Some drugs can have a negative affect on the nerves needed for hearing. This issue is usually temporary and subsides once you stop taking the drug. There is more probability of hearing issues if there is a history of hearing problems in your family. Your doctor should be aware of this before prescribing you. Drugs that can cause loss of hearing include aspirin, etocolac and amikacin.People who suffer from head injuries are at high risk of suffering from hearing loss. This can be through direct damage to the hair cells or from poor blood flow to the ear. Hearing loss can go unnoticed as there are more pressing issues after head trauma.

Deafness can be caused by certain diseases. Vascular diseases have a negative affect on hearing as blood flow can be restricted to vital areas of the ear including the cochlea. Kidney disease has been found to cause hearing loss for a few reasons. Toxins that form in the kidney can harm nerves in the ear, there are large similarities between the tissue in the kidney and the ear meaning both are affecting by disease and also medicine used to treat kidney disease can impact hearing.Infections such as mumps, measles, herpes and meningitis can result in deafness. Mumps causes hearing loss due to swelling damaging the cochlea and this can be very sudden in relation to contracting mumps.